To implement the latest scientific research on nutrition to optimize human performance and create the ultimate competitive advantage. Our nutrition program utilizes a holistic approach to promote optimal recovery increasing both neurological and muscular function of the human body. We incorporate whole foods, time restricted eating windows, supplementation, and the removal of inflammatory foods into our nutrition program.


Nutrition on and off the course, field, court and ice is critical to a player’s performance. Sports exert immense stress on the body of the athlete, the demands of this stress can only be met through proper diet and nutrition. TOPTEAM Sports Performance nutrition provides the template for our athletes to optimize their progression while firing on all cylinders. Our nutritional management plan includes the following: 

  • Assessment

  • Hydration Optimization

  • Grocery Store Walk Through

  • Weekly FaceTime Lessons

  • Whole Food Nutrient Micronutrient Maximization

  • Caloric Intake Management

  • Pre-Game Meals

  • Post-Game Meals

  • Sample Dietary Schedule and Meal Plan

  • Budget Breakdown and Management


Have you ever wondered what foods are best for you? Your genetic profile can provide information on your body's specific response to nutrients and the risk of nutrition related chronic diseases. Through a simple saliva sample, a DNA test can help provide specific nutrition recommendations to improve body composition, identify potential food intolerances, optimize heart health and help determine your specific nutrient requirements. The test also includes markers that can help determine your risk for certain injuries and understand your athletic performance strengths. These recommendations can help you get a step ahead of the competition by unleashing your genetic potential.

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