Do you have what it takes to play at the next level? Is your practice, preparations and workouts leading to better scores? Are you reaching your goals on golf course? Come to TOPTEAM’s Golf Academy and find out your strengths and weaknesses and where you stand up against elite pros, collegiate players, and juniors.

Our Mission

To develop athletes first, teach golf-specific skills second and most importantly create a love for the game.

Our Focus

Having kids (ages 5-12) & jrs (ages 13-18) perform age-appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize their athletic potential.  To create a progressive and specialized program to challenge an athlete to reach their highest level of development.

Key Factors

  • Fundamendals 
  • Transfer of Learning 
  • Windows of Opportunity 
  • Phases of Skill Development 

Stages of Developing a Golfer 

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills
    • Locomotive Skills
      • Run, Jump, Dodge, Skip
    • Stability Skills (ABC’s of Athleticism)
      • Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed
    • Manipulative / Object Control Skills
      • Throw, Kick, Strike, Catch, Dribble
    • Awareness
      • Space awareness, kinesthetic awareness, rules
  2. Fundamental Sport Skills
    • Golf-Specific Skills
      • Putting
        • Green Reading
        • Speed Control
        • Alignment
      • Chipping
        • Distance Control
        • Force Control
      • Full Swing
        • Grip, Posture, Alignment
        • Ball Position, Stance, Balance
          • Course Management
            • Tactics
            • Club Selection
            • Risk-Reward

Windows of Trainability

  • Accelerated Adaptation refers to “critical” or “sensitive periods” in a child’s development that they respond faster to a training stimulus.
    • Due to many factors:
      • Hormonal Influences
      • Strength Development
      • Nervous System Development
      • Muscle Fiber Type Defferentiation